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New Technologies in 2021

New Technologies in 2021

New technologies in 2021 are going to grow by leaps and bounds. An emotional leap in time in society are some things new. for instancemany of us over 60 feel and act more just like the average person over 50 from just a couple of years ago. These behavioural changes often become noticeable through the sudden use of the latest technologies, like the booming use of e-bikes or smartphones. While these people often enjoy turning back the clock in their “perceived” age without abandoning new technologies and even use them to bypass handicaps that have arisen, younger people don’t necessarily see it as an equivalent.

For them, the explosion within the use of technology seems like a leap into the longer term stupidly about their own age. At the top of the day, the effect is the same. Many younger and older people are suddenly thinking more intensely about technology in 2021 than they had in previous years. the novel transformation caused by the pandemic intensifies this effect, which then seems like a leap in time to the year 2030 for many people within the core of their working life. Accordingly, we see the subsequent trends for people & society within the next 12 months:

Technology acceptance is extremely polarized

Just as politics are getting increasingly polarized, an equivalent will apply to the acceptance of digital innovation. One part of society will significantly increase their use of digital services in lifestyle, while the opposite part will increasingly reject it. The technology-savvy part will weigh up and take risks, while the opposite part will categorically and aggressively demonize many of those technologies or want to stop the overall public from using them.

This is often where an increasing number of utmost worldviews develop and become intermingled with conspiracy theories. Compared to neighbouring countries just like the Netherlands, Germany is continuously losing purchasing power for digital innovation from its own country. within the past, complete pilot versions of software (MVPs) were often wont to promote user acceptance.

new technologies in 2021

This may become harder within the upcoming decade if many potential users categorically refuse to even check out and check out out these products. Companies must therefore research not only business cases and requirements in their target group, but also explicit social acceptance criteria before development.

As a result, there’ll be target groups for the primary time who consciously don’t purchase vehicles that exchange data online or who consciously avoid modern financial service providers that optimize their customers’ financial management through the utilization of AI.

Data protection concerns and federalism obstruct digitization. Even if a healthy level of scepticism toward global providers is acceptable, not every cloud provider is unlawful simply because it comes from the USA or China. One really must take an in-depth look here, understand contracts, security measures, and certifications, and scrutinize the providers’ business models.

Many data protectionists don’t do that and stop digitization by banning all global services. Conversely, this also means Europe will have little chance of exporting its own digital services since by 2021 every state will consider its own data protection because the best. Therefore, even good concepts like Gaia-X cannot achieve the required economies of scale to become Made-In-Germany export hits.

Corona losers react with new business models

As the pandemic will still be omnipresent in 2021, every company that has been existentially suffering from corona must reinvent itself. Restaurants will become delivery services with online orders while event organizers will become commercial streaming platforms. The As-a-Service Economy replaces the previous investments so as to manage the danger within the uncertain economic situation.

This not only calculates services for patrons supported their consumption, but also allows companies to scale all necessary resources linearly with the demand. for instance, a delivery service would not purchase or lease its delivery vehicles as before but would pay the vehicle manufacturer per kilometre or delivery, which is usually mentioned as Equipment-as-a-Service.

This in fact also applies thereto. For this reason, New technologies in 2021, Cloudflight sees an extra decrease of corporate or regional data centres and a disproportionate growth in global public cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, Alicloud, and Tencent. they’re growing so fast that their prices are almost decreasing with Moore’s Law or performance increases and that they are thus referred to as hyperscalers. Historically, one can see that massive cost pressure within the US economy has always been a growth driver for Amazon Web Services.


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